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This is such a wonderful week… The very best part is that Randolph’s Grin gets to release a remix done by Chris Corner of IAMX. Definitely one of my favorite artists of all time. This is like a huge dream come true for me, personally.


This song sounds amazing in its new form! Don’t get me wrong, Magenta is completely lovable in its original state, but what Chris did with it made it sound very “haunting. In a good way”, to quote an old friend. Which fits perfectly. It has so many of the attributes that I love best about IAMX’s music. The rhythms and melodies remind me of some of my favorite more dancy IAMX tracks, with just enough hardness toward the end, dreamy melodies in the middle supporting my hypnotic soft sounding vocals, and the effects are immaculately placed throughout. The arrangement couldn’t be better! When I hear the Magenta remix all I want to do is close my eyes and sway…

Magenta is a very special composition to begin with. It is meant to depict the stage we all go through and hopefully incorporate, magical thinking. Rob and I both have a very strong attraction to everything magical. So do so many people.. Anytime you watch TV and pick something with a fantasy theme, you are expressing this important aspect of human consciousness. It is only dangerous or detrimental if you get stuck there, see the world through magical goggles and don’t progress to “higher” levels. Magic, rituals, and tribal thinking have their place. They are not wrong, they are basic. They are also just partially true. Just like every world view.

I think Rob and I were able to capture the tribal, ritualistic and magical nature of Magenta with the music and my voice. I am also enchanted with the new video for the original album track – Rob did an amazing job with the editing, with his filming in Detroit and I had great professionals/friends helping me get my ideas on film over here in Salzburg.

Enjoy and I would be curious to know if Magenta resonates with that childlike innocence in you.

xx, Heidi

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